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Asian Elephant Conservation

The Tulsa Zoo participates in various elephant conservation programs, both in human care and in the wild, and are very important to our institution. The Tulsa Zoo has taken the lead on an Asian elephant conservation project in partnership with the Berdiri Foundation with the help of representatives who work closely with the International Elephant Foundation.

Project location:

Seblat Bengkulu Province, Sumatra

Project focus:

Providing a safe environment for the elephants

Currently, the elephants of the Elephant Conservation Center in Seblat Bengkulu do not have sufficient resources to provide a safe environment for the elephants to mingle and to be given the opportunity to breed. The elephants are subsequently secured via chains at night time which is very limiting and provides no ability to mingle and increases stress levels. The Tulsa Zoo is providing support for a better management plan to help the local conservation agency correct this issue by providing an electric fence for the elephants to be placed in at night to mingle and to be chain free. This gives the elephants the opportunity to breed and roam free from the chains. Support is also being given to assist in the regeneration of king grass plantations to help provide food for the elephants every evening. The Berdiri Foundation is working closely with the local government with this project and many other projects to assist in the conservation efforts for the elephants of Sumatra.

Find out more about theĀ Berdiri Foundation.

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