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Tulsa Zoo Kids

Learning Activities for All-Ages

Discover some of the challenges faced by penguin parents as they try to protect their nest.

Learn to dance the flamingo like a flamingo during this dance activity for learners 6 years of age or older.

Eye of the … eagle? Explore how you compare to our fine feathered friends with a bird competition.

Look, in the sky! It’s a bird! But what kind?! Learn how to be a backyard birds identification hero.

Feed the birds for only tuppence a day with this easy bird feeder craft.

Want another bird craft? You got it! Join us on Thursday to make this TeePee Tube Bird activity.

Monday Funday Video: Introduction to Birds

Tour Tuesday Video: Conservation Center Birds

Facebook LIVE Story Time

Crafts with Katie Video

Meet a Friend Friday Video

Looking for another activity? Symbolically ADOPT a penguin. This printable comes with activities, penguin fun facts and an adoption certificate.

Learning Activities for All-Ages

Learn why fennec foxes have such large ears with Don’t be so Fennec-y.

What is the difference between Arctic and fennec foxes? Let’s compare and contrast Arctic Fox & Fennec Fox Traits.

Lear a new way finding skill while search for food like a fox during Fox and Food.

Discover how foxes survive in different habitats with What Fox Goes Where?

Some of our fox friends change with the seasons. Are you ready to make a fox for each season with our Winter/Summer Arctic Fox craft?

Monday Funday Video: Introduction to Foxes

Tour Tuesday Video: Life in the Desert

Facebook LIVE Story Time

Crafts with Katie Video

Meet a Friend Friday Video with Aldabra Tortoise Askew

Thanks for joining us on Facebook LIVE during World Frog Day, Friday, March 20, 2020. If you missed meeting our frog friend hop here to watch.

Learning Activities For All Ages

Find out how far animals can jump with our Leapin’ Animals activity.

Discover the singing stars in your own backyard with Frog & Toad American Idol.

Encourage your children to be physically active while learning about amphibian adaptations with Amphibian Analogies.

Let’s get a little bit crafty with our Jumping Frog learning activity.