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About Us

The Tulsa Zoo is owned by the City of Tulsa and managed by Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc. TZMI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, governed by a volunteer board of directors.

The Tulsa Zoo celebrates more than 90 years of providing family friendly recreation, natural sciences education and conservation of wildlife.

Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc., Board of Directors

Jeff James, Chair
Scott Vandergriff, Vice Chair
Mike Miers, Treasurer/Finance Chair
Joel-lyn McCormick, Secretary
Ken Klein, Building and Grounds Chair
Suzanne Kneale, Capital Campaign Chair
Monty Butts, Governance Chair
Betty Pirnat, Long Range Planning Chair
Lisa Day
Meghan Joiner
Stuart Lamb
Brad Mueller
John Stava
Tom C. Vincent II
Jamie Wheeler

Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc., Executive Staff
Lindsay Hutchison, President/CEO
Ellen Averill, VP of Communications and Strategy
Joe Barkowski, VP of Animal Conservation and Science
Don Hammons, VP of Finance and Administration
Pat Weisz, VP of Guest Experience

Connecting, Caring, Advocating for Wildlife, People, and Wild Places.

Tulsa Zoo VISION
The Tulsa Zoo will, working with our community, drive change for a future where wildlife and wild places thrive.

Tulsa Zoo VALUES

We are enthusiastically committed to be part of the Tulsa Zoo community.

We will all work together as one Zoo Team to support the Zoo’s mission.

We will value and appreciate everyone and create a safe, understanding, and welcoming environment for all.

We will all be accountable for achieving excellence.

We will earn the trust of one another, acting honestly and treating each other with respect.

Annual Reports

Download our annual reports here.

2018-19          2017-18
2016-17          2015-16
2014-15          2013-14

Download additional Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc., financial information here. Each link is a PDF download.

TZMI 2019 Form 990

TZMI 2018 Form 990

2017-18 Financial Statements With Auditor’s Report
TZMI 2017 Form 990

2016-17 Financial Statements With Auditor’s Report
TZMI 2016 Form 990

2015-16 Financial Statements With Auditor’s Report

A Zoo for All — Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at TZMI

The TZMI mission includes people. Our responsibility as an organization as reflected in our values is to create a safe and welcoming environment for all, support a thriving local community, and further our mission in a way that celebrates the power of diverse people working collaboratively for the future of wildlife and wild places. We will accomplish this by creating the people infrastructure, from front-line staff to board of directors, educated about and committed to the zoo’s success.

Doing Business With TZMI

Here are a few resources to assist if you are interested in doing business with Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc.

  • IRS Form W-9

    Vendors are required to submit a completed IRS form W-9 to TZMI.  This form needs to be completed, signed and dated.  The link below is to the IRS website regarding form W-9.  The form can be downloaded and then signed either with an electronic signature or manually.  Please submit the completed form to

  • Payment Options

    Electronic payment options, either ACH or ComData, are the preferred payment method of TZMI as these are more in line with our green practices.  Both options have no additional costs to vendors, and all information that would be on a paper check stub will be made available electronically to vendors.

    ComData B2B payments allow vendors to receive payment much quicker by utilizing a virtual credit card.  Any vendors that accept credit cards (MasterCard) as a regular form of payment can take advantage of this option.

    ACH Enrollment Letter

  • Insurance Requirements

    Vendors that perform work on grounds or make deliveries to the Tulsa Zoo are required to provide a certificate of insurance.  The Certificate of Insurance or ‘COI’ should be on an ‘Acord’ form that can be obtained from your insurance agent or insurance provider.  Coverage reflected on the form must be applicable for the period work is performed.

    COI form should reflect the following coverage amounts:

    • Commercial or general liability insurance with an occurrence amount of $1,000,000
    • Fleet Automotive (liability coverage) insurance with an occurrence amount of $1,000,000
    • Workers Compensation insurance coverage with an occurrent amount of $1,000,000

    COI forms are also required to name Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc., and the City of Tulsa as additional named insured.

    If you are a vendor that is not required by the State of Oklahoma to be covered by Workers Compensation insurance, then a ‘Certificate of Noncoverage’ issued by the State of Oklahoma is required in lieu of Workers Compensation insurance coverage.

  • Form of Contract

    Depending upon the type of product, goods, services, work, or transaction, TZMI may required a vendor to execute a form of agreement.  Links to two examples of agreements (construction and professional services) are below:

    Contracted Services Agreement Template
    Professional Services Contract Template

    Regardless if a TZMI agreement is required, TZMI will not agree to, either directly or indirectly, terms that conflict with the terms and conditions included with the sample agreements.  TZMI is willing to execute an agreement or terms and conditions provided by the vendor, if these are acceptable to TZMI.  Questions regarding agreements can be directed to