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About Us

Big Thanks To Our Zoo Photographers

150-C Aaron Goodwin is a Herps/Aquatics zookeeper here at the Tulsa Zoo. When he’s not caring for animals or snapping photos, Aaron enjoys sharing his knowledge through his website,



150-C Dr. Jen Kilburn is the Associate Veterinarian here at the Tulsa Zoo. Besides a passion for caring for all the amazing animals we have at the zoo she has an eye for animal/wildlife/nature photography and is rarely without a camera.



150-C Nick Walters is attending TCC in the fall and is an avid photographer. When he isn’t checking people in at the member window he can be found searching high and low for the best spot to snap a photo.



150-C Ruth Holland is the Marketing Design Manager here at the Tulsa Zoo. You’ll see her around the zoo snapping photos when she isn’t pushing pixels around.