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All-Time Attendance Record for the Tulsa Zoo

TULSA, Okla. (Sept. 5, 2017) – The Tulsa Zoo is delivering on its promise of becoming bigger, better by having the best year ever.

The zoo reported 705,332 visitors during the 2016-17 fiscal year, shattering the previous attendance record of 669,928 set in 1997-98 with the opening of the Tropical American Rainforest exhibit.

Other records set during the fiscal year include:

  • Largest attendance month of 112,445 in June of this year. The previous record was 111,590 in May 1998.
  • Membership households reached 20,737, up from 16,111 in 2016.

The record-breaking year can be attributed to growing attendance at zoo events like HallowZOOeen, the Mathis Brothers membership promotion and an increase in private events like weddings and corporate picnics. The Tulsa Zoo continues to focus on enhancing the guest experience, with the completion of the St. John Family Den and the opening of the Lost Kingdom exhibit complex.

The successful year is an example of the benefits of the public-private partnership between the City of Tulsa, which owns the zoo, and Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc., the nonprofit organization that operates the facility.

“As we rebuild the zoo we will continue to offer new and unique experiences,” says Tulsa Zoo President and CEO, Terrie Correll. “With the opening of Lost Kingdom and the St. John Family Den, the Tulsa Zoo is delivering on its promise of becoming the world-class zoo our community deserves.”

Opened in early June, Lost Kingdom introduced rare species, such as Chinese alligators and binturongs, to our zoo. A new home for the zoos’ Malayan tigers, snow leopards, siamangs and Komodo dragons, Lost Kingdoms’ immersive, naturalistic habitats with indoor and outdoor spaces provide year-round viewing opportunities.

The Tulsa Zoo reaffirmed its commitment to supporting families with the completion of the St. John Family Den. The new 900-square-foot facility provides a space for nursing mothers, family restrooms, an adult changing table and quiet space for families affected by autism or sensory processing disorders.

Correll praised the Tulsa Zoo staff for the successful year. “The staff who work here are dedicated and caring. All of our staff, from those who take care of the animals, to those who take care of our guests and facilities, are dedicated to supporting the Tulsa Zoo’s conservation mission.”