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Asian Elephant Conservation

The Tulsa Zoo participates in various elephant conservation programs, both in human care and in the wild and are very important to our institution. The Tulsa Zoo has taken the lead on an Asian elephant conservation project in partnership with the Berdiri Foundation with the help of representatives who work closely with the International Elephant Foundation.

Project location:

North Bengkulu Province, Sumatra

Project focus:

Anti-Poaching-Conservation Camera Trap Project

The tropical forest environment of Sumatra is dense and direct sightings of wildlife can be difficult. This project will provide the Conservation Response Units with a better understanding of the locations of wildlife such as elephants, tigers, sun bears, and clouded leopards in relation to local communities surrounding protected forests. This will help the CRU patrol units plot realistic courses to prevent human/wildlife conflicts in a more precise manner, and with a better understanding of the movement of the wildlife. Understanding wildlife movement will assist and police the area for poaching by the local villagers. The data will be invaluable in recording numbers of critically endangered elephants and other endangered wildlife still living in the various protected areas. Accurate data about the biodiversity of the Sumatran forests is very important for the government agencies to justify and maintain these forests’ legal protection status in order to better protect them for the long term from exploitation for mining and plantations.

Find out more about the Berdiri Foundation.