Asian Elephant Conservation

The Tulsa Zoo participates in various elephant conservation programs, both in human care and in the wild, and is very important to our institution. The Tulsa Zoo has taken the lead on an Asian elephant conservation project in partnership with the International Elephant Foundation.

Project location:

Northern Sumatra Aceh Province and Way Kambas National Park both on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia

Project focus:

The CRU program in Sumatra was specifically developed to protect Sumatran elephants, their remaining habitat, and the other threatened and endangered species who share that space (Sumatran tigers, Sumatran rhino, orangutan, pangolin, etc.).

Conservation Response Units / Elephant Response Units referred to as CRUs & ERUs utilize trained elephants, their mahouts, and local community representatives for direct, successful field-based conservation interventions. These units support the conservation of wild elephants and habitat and work collaboratively with government departments to manage key elephant habitats, deal with human-elephant issues, develop and maintain barrier strategies, and create opportunities for local communities through the implementation of alternative yet compatible livelihoods such as ecotourism which achieve positive outcomes for both elephants and people.

Find out more about the International Elephant Foundation

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