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Bee Aware it’s Pollinator Season

Bee Aware it’s Pollinator Season
Wednesday, March 29, 2017

TULSA, Okla. (March 29, 2017) — Before coming to the zoo bee aware it’s pollinator season; that means increased activity from our flying friends.   The Tulsa Zoo’s nuisance bee, wasp, and hornet plan ensures safety while promoting zoo conservation efforts.

Whenever an active nest is found, it is evaluated by zoo staff. Please, inform the nearest staff member of any observed activity. They will communicate the concern to the Conservation & Research Manager or (in their absence) the Reptile/Aquatics Department.

Whenever possible, zoo staff does not interfere with pollinators on-grounds, recognizing the benefits of many species. If necessary for the safety of zoo guests, staff, or our animal collection, several actions maybe taken. Trained staff might relocate the nest/individuals. Or a temporary physical barrier may be put in place to keep guests or staff from a nest. Chemical control will be considered as a last resort.

Chemical removal will entail using the least toxic, duly registered insecticide in the smallest volume possible. Any insecticide application must be conducted under full compliance with the current pesticide use instructions found on the product label.

It is the policy of Tulsa Zoo Management Inc. (TZMI) to leave active wasp nests in areas within zoo grounds given the benefits of many wasp species as a natural control for pests and as important pollinators within the State of Oklahoma. This past winter our Conservation & Research Manager removed all abandoned nests on zoo grounds, during the animals’ dormant season. Tulsa Zoo will work to reduce its negative impact on the environment and lead by example in the city, county, state, as well as, the larger zoo and aquarium community by embracing green practices in our everyday operations.