Henry Bellmon Sustainability Award

The Tulsa Zoo is a business partner of Sustainable Tulsa, which believes by embracing the Triple Bottom Line — People, Profit, Planet — our business leaders, community leaders and citizens can make Tulsa the most sustainable city in America.


The Tulsa Zoo collaborates and supports the Motus network and the important data being collected for wildlife conservation. Motus is a Latin word meaning movement and that is exactly what the Motus tracking system does.

They Have Flown the Nest

Three red-and-yellow barbet chicks have fledged, or left the nest, for the first time. While always an exciting time, this hatching was especially significant — it was internationally important.

The American Burying Beetle Project

The Tulsa Zoo Conservation Program has a new partnership with Oklahoma State University (OSU) and American burying beetle (ABB) conservation.

Mabula Ground Hornbill Project

The Tulsa Zoo Conservation Program partners with the Mabula Ground-Hornbill Project and their important conservation projects focus on studying the Southern ground hornbill’s genetics, behavior and other unanswered questions necessary for successful re-establishment of Southern ground-hornbills throughout South Africa.

The Wild Nature Institute

The Tulsa Zoo is working with The Wild Nature Institute to support the expansion of a unique giraffe demography study used in identifying and tracking wild giraffes by utilizing their unique spot patterns to understand individual movements and survival.

Monarch Initiative of Tulsa

The Tulsa Zoo is part of the Monarch Initiative of Tulsa, which works to provide information promoting the creation of habitats to increase the Monarch population during migration through the Tulsa area.