Tulsa Zoo Mourns Loss of Malayan Tiger

Tulsa Zoo is mourning the loss of Gahara, a male Malayan tiger who was humanely euthanized on Oct. 26. Gahara was being treated for lameness in one of his legs. A physical exam revealed that cancer was present and further investigation found evidence of the cancer’s spread to other parts of his body.

Administering COVID-19 Vaccine to Susceptible Animals

Tulsa Zoo has begun administering COVID-19 vaccines to zoo mammals that are considered susceptible to coronavirus. The vaccine, which is manufactured by Zoetis, is made exclusively for animals. The zoo is prioritizing species based on their risk for developing COVID-19, including tigers, lions, snow leopards, jaguars, bears, chimpanzees and other species.

Endangered Siamang Born

A siamang infant is doing well after being born at the Tulsa Zoo earlier this week. The infant was born on Aug. 8, 2022, to mother Boomerang and father Jambi, through Tulsa Zoo’s ongoing participation in the Association of Zoos & Aquariums Siamang Species Survival Plan®.

Meet Batari

July 29th is International Tiger Day – a day to celebrate these incredible endangered big cats. In celebration, meet our newest Malayan tiger, Batari!

Joining us from the Cincinnati Zoo, 5-year-old Batari is a recommended match with our male tiger Gahara. There are as few as 250 Malayan tigers in the wild and approximately 50 in AZA zoos, five of which live at Tulsa Zoo.

Elephant Preserve Groundbreaking

The Tulsa Zoo broke ground on the new Oxley Family Elephant Experience and Elephant Preserve on June 22, 2022. It will be one of the largest AZA facilities of its […]

Shatari Update

Shatari, Tulsa Zoo’s female African lion, is nearing a landmark birthday. She will turn 20 on June 23, making her one of the oldest lioness’ in the country. Due to her advanced age, she is experiencing a natural decline in health, which has led our veterinary and animal staff to begin end-of-life care monitoring.