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Tulsa Zoo & Sustainable Tulsa

The Tulsa Zoo is a business partner of Sustainable Tulsa, which believes by embracing the Triple Bottom Line — People, Profit, Planet — our business leaders, community leaders and citizens can make Tulsa the most sustainable city in America.

2016, 2018, 2021 Henry Bellmon Award

The Tulsa Zoo was selected as the top performer of businesses with 50 to 250 employees and leader in our community for sustainability. Winners were selected from a nomination list based on the number of verified items and quality of answers within the Scor3card as selected by the Henry Bellmon family and members of the Henry Bellmon Judges Panel.

Scor3card Program

The Tulsa Zoo is a proud sponsor and member of the Sustainable Scor3card Program. We were ranked first among participating businesses during the pilot year of the program in 2017 and currently are rated as Platinum Level sustainable business. Sustainable Tulsa’s Scor3card sustainability program is an online tracking and assessment tool for organizations that want to track and improve their sustainability strategies. The Scor3card program not only allows us to track our sustainability efforts, but it also provides resources to support our green practices programs and strong community partnerships. This holistic approach to sustainability allows the Tulsa Zoo to engage our staff, bolster our economic growth and become better environmental stewards.