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What We Do

Green Practices

The word “green” is widely used to describe environmentally-conscious actions and programs. The Tulsa Zoo defines green as a fundamental value that moves us toward our goal of environmentally neutral operations that include energy efficiency, stewardship of resources, sensitivity to the zoo’s impact on the environment, more sustainable consumer options, a reduced ecological footprint, and community partnerships that foster green practices.

Tulsa Zoo’s Green Practices Strategic Plan

Our focus is to lead by example in sustainable practices and to be good stewards of our planet by reducing our carbon footprint, operational waste and energy usage. We participate in single-stream recycling through the Mr. Murph recycling program. Any resources we cannot reuse, repurpose, or recycle go to Covanta, an energy from waste power plant in West Tulsa.

The Tulsa Zoo is a business partner of Sustainable Tulsa, which believes by embracing the Triple Bottom Line — People, Profit, Planet — our business leaders, community leaders and citizens can make Tulsa the most sustainable city in America.

Tulsa Zoo Wins 2016 Henry Bellmon Sustainability Award

In 2016 the Tulsa Zoo was recognized for our “green practices” program and was granted the 2016 Henry Bellman Sustainability Award.

Together We Can Make a Difference

The Tulsa Zoo wants to help you take action and to make a difference by discovering various community recycling programs throughout the metropolitan area. Please join us in achieving our “green” goals by taking advantage of these wonderful recycling programs just like we do here at the Tulsa Zoo.


Packing Peanuts

Light Bulbs


Wood Pallets

  •  Sooner Pallets – 918.439.7360

Plastic Grocery Bags

Paints and Household Solvents

Snack and Chip Bags



Other  steps you can take that make a difference:

  • Set thermostats to Auto at 74 F
  • Turn OFF computers, monitors, speakers and printers when not in use; set Power Save options
  • Turn lights OFF when you leave a room or office
  • Unplug electrical equipment and devices when not in use
  • Close blinds and angle them upward, especially when you are away
  • Double-side your copy and print jobs
  • Drink from a reusable cup
  • Purchase only what you need
  • Purchase durable rather than disposable