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Tulsa Zoo Education Programs encourage curiosity about the natural world while helping participants become environmentally conscientious and scientifically literate citizens. Created and presented by trained zoo professionals, our programs include valuable information, biofacts & visual aids, and experiences with ambassador animals.

Along with summer camps, we offer two styles of programs: Zoo 2 U and Virtual Meet and Greets!

Virtual Meet and Greets are open to anyone. Zoo 2 U programs are open to schools, scout troops, libraries, church groups, non-profit groups and other similar organizations.


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Virtual Zoo 2 U Program

We will bring the zoo to your classroom virtually! We can remote into your classroom or virtually join students in their homes during these LIVE 30-minute programs that include live animals and lots of FUN! Groups are limited to 40 total people.

All programs meet the current Oklahoma Academic Standards.

Price: $75

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  • Preschool through Pre-Kindergarten

    Animal Tales – Join us for an animal story and then meet an ambassador animal!

    What’s Wild, What’s Not – What is a domestic animal? What is a wild animal? Learn the differences and make observations about our natural world.

    We Got You Covered! – Animals wear different skins! Compare what is the same and what is not in this fun and engaging program about what animals wear!

  • Kindergarten & First Grade

    Watch Me Grow – Animals grow in many ways, some hatch from eggs and some are born live; some undergo metamorphosis while others are miniature adults.  Learn about the amazing differences in how baby animals grow and what they ALL need to survive.

    It’s Great to Be GREEN – The things we do and choices we make here in Oklahoma does affect wildlife on the other side of the world.  Students will broaden their scope of “home” to see how they can make a positive difference.

    The Bear Necessities – They’re just the bare necessities of LIFE! Students will learn the three simple things that all life on the planet needs to survive and the great lengths that some animals go to meet those needs.

  • Second Grade & Third Grade

    Animals Helping Plants – From pollinators to seed scatterers, animals play a huge role in plant survival. Students will learn about how these animals have special characteristics that help them survive.

    Home Sweet Habitat – Everybody needs a home! Explore different habitats while finding out how they meet animals’ needs for survival.

    Life Cycles – Join us as we discover the life cycles of animals. While some cycles may look different, we will look at how similar they really are!

  • Fourth Grade & Fifth Grade

    Alien Invaders – Across the planet, foreign animal lifeforms have been introduced into our global habitats. Learn how we can stop the spread of these invasive species and help protect our planet.

    Can You Adapt? –. Animals have amazing adaptations that help them to survive in their environment.  Learn about some of these adaptations that help them find their food, attract mates & live longer.

    Web of Life – Learn about food webs and the flow of energy from plants, consumers, and decomposers.  

  • Middle School

    Species Relationships – Learn how different animals share unique relationships. Through interspecies relationships, such as, competition, predation, parasitism, mutualism and commensalism, animals and plants find a way to survive.

    Pollinators – What if all the bees were gone? Students will discover the importance of bees, birds, and other pollinators to the overall health of an ecosystem and how we can help keep these important species around.

    Invasive Species – Introduced species can wreak havoc on local ecosystems. Learn how we can stop the spread of these invasive species and help protect our planet.

  • High School

    Zoo Careers – From animal care to marketing and everything in between, this program investigates the different types of jobs it takes to run our Zoo.

    Exhibit Design – Students will examine what it takes to design a modern zoo exhibit. Learn about all the factors that make a successful exhibit; from animal needs to visitor experience there are a lot of aspects that go into getting an exhibit built.

    The Zoo Dating Game – Match maker, match maker, make me a match! Learn how modern zoos keep their animal populations healthy through Species Survival Plans which ensure genetic diversity.  

  • All Ages

    Animals Have Class – Some animals are the same, while others are WILDLY different. Learn how animals are classified by their similar and differing traits.

    Amazing Adaptations – Animals have amazing adaptations that help them to survive in their environment.  Learn about some of these adaptations that help them find their food, attract mates & live longer.

    Oklahoma WILD – Forget Africa or the rainforest, Oklahoma is WILD all by itself!  Discover the amazing plants and animals that live in our own state.

    Taking Flight, Day or Night – Learn about some of our winged friends! Explore different flyers and how their methods differ.

    Raptors – Learn what makes a bird of prey while exploring their unique adaptations.

    The Animals of Harry Potter – Venture into the magical world of wizardry and sorcery in search of mystical creatures of lore. Discover the fantastic creatures of myth and learn about the real animals behind the mysteries. Wands at the ready!

Virtual Zoo 2 U Tours

Let us guide you around the zoo in a virtual field trip! Your group will be virtually led LIVE through a part of the zoo by a trained zoo educator. These 30-minute tours will give you a glimpse of what is currently happening at the zoo. Groups are limited to 40 total people. Please note: Tours do not include any behind the scene areas.

Price: $100

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  • Lost Kingdom

    Journey with us to a mysterious world where ancient ruins have been rediscovered! As we explore the crumbling temple, we will discover animals that have made this jungle escape home. What secrets will be uncovered?

  • Wildlife Trek

    Trek through wild habitats and visit animals from all over the world. We will travel from the coldest regions to the hottest zones and from dense forests to the vast oceans. Together, we will gather clues to what makes animals thrive in each habitat.

  • Africa

    Go on a virtual safari and discover the amazing animals of Africa! We will explore the savannah and learn about the animals that call it home. Lions, Rhinos and Giraffes, OH MY!

  • Rainforest

    Why do they call it a rainforest? What animals live in the rainforest? Why are rainforests so important to the planet? We will answer these questions and more as we venture deep into the forest to reveal its surprises.

Virtual Zoo 2 U Pre-Recorded Programs

Can’t find a time that will work for everyone? Join us for a pre-recorded lesson that you and your students will have access to for up to 72 hours. These videos are about 25-minutes and include ambassador animals, zoo tours, biofacts and more!

Price: $50

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  • Wild Cats

    Learn about the feline friends you can see while visiting the Tulsa Zoo.

  • Primates

    From lemurs to monkeys to chimpanzees, we will give you the low down on these prominent primates.

  • Pachyderms

    We will have a TON of fun exploring awe-inspiring elephants and rhinoceroses.

  • Birds

    We will discover the kaleidoscope of colors, shapes, and sizes of this unique group of animals.

Virtual Zoo 2 U Full Unit

You get it ALL! A LIVE program, A LIVE Tour and access to our pre-recorded video for up to 72 hours, all in one package.

Price: $175

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Virtual Animal Ambassador Meet n’ Greet

Want a personalized Virtual Meet n’ Greet with one of our Ambassador Animals? These 15-minute virtual experiences are open for businesses groups, team building meetings, families, or any other group that is interested!  We can join your meeting, or we can set up the whole thing.

Choose* between a snake, lizard, turtle/tortoise, owl, parrot, chinchilla, or hedgehog!
*Based on availability and voluntary animal participation.

Price: $100

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Summer Camps are back!

The WILDEST camps in town are returning in 2021! Join us for an exciting week full of fun as we explore, discover, and engage in the wild world around us. Our weeklong camps include guided zoo tours, education activities, and of course – animal encounters! Registration fee includes one camp t-shirt. 

The Tulsa Zoo is committed to providing a safe and fun camp experience all while safeguarding against the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We will continuously follow local and state guidelines as well as Tulsa Health Department and CDC recommendations.

Safety protocols for summer camp 2021 include a 25% decrease in the number of campers per session, prioritizing proper social-distancing opportunities, and increasing cleaning protocols (using TMA – Quaternary Sanitizer (EPA 10324-81). Tulsa Zoo staff will wear a face mask at all times during camp. 

Additionally, we are requiring campers to wear a face mask while they are at camp at this time.

We can’t wait to see you at camp this summer!