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Endangered Malayan Tiger Cub Remains in Guarded Condition

Berani, the Malayan tiger cub born at the Tulsa Zoo in August 2012, remains in guarded condition at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium today as a team of veterinarians works to uncover the cause of his sudden illness.

Veterinarians continue extensive diagnostic testing in their ongoing effort to pin down what caused 6-month-old Berani to fall ill Monday afternoon, zoo general curator Karen Goodrowe Beck said.

Berani remains sedated as the veterinary team, led by head veterinarian Dr. Karen Wolf, works to keep him comfortable, treat him for breathing difficulties and regulate his temperature. Members of the zoological staff, who care for the zoo’s five tigers, also are keeping round-the-clock watch over the cub, Goodrowe Beck said.

“We continue to be very concerned,” she added. “We are doing everything possible to care for Berani, who is very precious to us. He is an ambassador for an endangered species that is vanishing from the wild at an alarming rate.”

Berani underwent emergency surgery Monday night to determine whether he had an intestinal blockage. No obstruction was uncovered, and the veterinary team now is investigating the possibility of an infectious process, Goodrowe Beck said.

Berani’s “foster brother,” 6-month-old Sumatran tiger Dumai, is healthy and shows no sign of illness. The two cubs are being raised together.

“We very much appreciate the community’s support and compassion, not only for Berani, but also for our staff,” Goodrowe Beck said.