Aldabra Atoll

a tortoise looking at the camera

Nestled between The Lost Kingdom and African Plains, the Aldabra Tortoise exhibit gives guests an up-close experience with some of the world’s largest land tortoises.

Oceans & Islands

two seals swimming

African Penguins This naturalistic habitat features naturalistic rockwork, underwater viewing, and a wave motion pool simulating the South African shoreline. Home to African black-footed penguins, this species is one of […]

Helmerich Playground | Behaving Like Animals

jungle playground

The playground offers free-play experiences for toddlers and older children in separate, defined areas. Children of all physical, social, and emotional capabilities can use play to create empathy and understanding […]

African Plains

two rhinoceros together

The south end of the zoo is home to the African Plains.  Drawing from an authentic backpacking trip in modern-day Africa, guests are transported to the African savanna. Many unique and awe-inspiring animals call this area home, including giraffe, lions, African painted dogs, southern ground hornbills, springbok antelope, meerkats, white rhinos and more.

Children’s Zoo

small children petting goats

The Children’s Zoo is home to small mammals, including guinea hogs, Jacob’s sheep, miniature horses, river otters, red kangaroos, wallabies, and more. This area also features a petting zoo, where […]

Chimpanzee Connection

The Chimpanzee Connection is home to the zoo’s chimpanzee troop.  This habitat has indoor and outdoor viewing windows, so you can observe these endangered animals any time of the year.

Conservation Center

The Conservation Center is home to various species, including primates, reptiles, birds, and fish. This building showcases a variety of species that have a conservation need or that are involved […]

Lost Kingdom

the outside look of an exhibit

In the Lost Kingdom, you’ll find Asia’s rarest and most elusive species in exhibits such as: Helmerich Tiger exhibit, the Hardesty Snow Leopard Habitat, the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation […]

Life in the Cold

The Robert J. LaFortune WildLIFE Trek Life in the Cold features animals that have unique adaptations, which allow them to live in cold environments. Now in the Life in the […]