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The south end of the zoo is home to the African Plains.  Drawing from an authentic backpacking trip in modern-day Africa, guests are transported to the African savanna. Many unique and awe-inspiring animals call this area home, including giraffe, lions, African painted dogs, southern ground hornbills, springbok antelope, meerkats, white rhinos and more.

Mary K. Chapman Rhino Reserve

The Mary K. Chapman Rhino Reserve is home to white rhinos, springbok antelope, African crowned cranes, and white storks. This naturalistic home features many sustainable elements such as straw bale walls, a green roof and a cistern, which harvests rainwater. Additionally, this habitat features indoor and outdoor viewing areas, allowing guests to view our rhinos at any time of the year.

Osage Casino & Hotel Giraffe Barn

The expanded barn features new stalls, natural substrate, and large community space. Wider doors and adjustable feeders will allow the barn to better accommodate a variety of giraffe heights and sizes. Beyond the cosmetic, the renovations directly improve our ability to care for an expanding herd. We doubled the size of the giraffes’ indoor space, added year-round viewing for the public and made improvements necessary for the management of a multigenerational herd.

Mary K. Chapman Giraffe Experience

The raised observation deck of the Mary K. Chapman Giraffe Experience allows a un-obstructed view of the world from the giraffe’s point of view. Raising guest eye level with the giraffes allows for amazing feeding opportunities as well as a panoramic view of their exhibit.



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