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African Plains

The south end of the zoo is home to the African Plains. Guests are transported to the African savanna where they can see many unique and awe-inspiring animals.

Mary K. Chapman Rhino Reserve

The Mary K. Chapman Rhino Reserve features indoor and outdoor viewing areas of the white rhinos, springbok antelope, African crowned cranes and warthogs.

Osage Casino & Hotel Giraffe Barn

The expanded barn features new stalls, natural substrate and large community spaces. This expansion allows guests the opportunity to view the giraffes all year!

Mary K. Chapman Giraffe Experience

The raised observation deck of the Mary K. Chapman Giraffe Experience allows an un-obstructed view of the world from the giraffe’s point of view.

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Explore the wonders of Asia through a diverse array of its wildlife, including the endangered Malayan tiger, Asian elephant and snow leopard.  

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