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In 2017, the Tulsa Zoo will unveil the Lost Kingdom exhibit complex. Lost Kingdom will allow guests to roam through lush gardens and settings inspired by ancient Asian cultures, such as the city at Angkor-Wat.

Covering nearly 5 acres, Lost Kingdom will provide industry-leading animal habitats and unique guest amenities. The Hardesty Snow Leopard Habitat and Helmerich Tiger Exhibit will feature the Hille Foundation Tiger Bridge, where visitors can safely observe a critically endangered tiger species as it crosses over the guest pathways. The new George Kaiser Family Foundation Special Events and Dining Pavilion will allow guests to dine with views directly into the tiger habitat.

Other habitats include the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation Red Panda/Binturong Exhibit and Aviary, the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation Outdoor Siamang Habitat, the Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation Siamang Dayroom, and the H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Komodo Dragon Outside Exhibit, accessible through the the Bank of Oklahoma Entry Portal.

The Tulsa Zoo wishes to thank the generous donors who have made Lost Kingdom a reality:

Thank you to Kathy Taylor and the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation for their support of the Master Plan and making these dreams a reality.

The Helmerich Trust | City of Tulsa Taxpayers through the Improve our Tulsa Initiative
Hardesty Family Foundation | Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation
Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation | George Kaiser Family Foundation
H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Charitable Trust | The Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation
Bank of Oklahoma | Hille Foundation

Additional donors include E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation, The Mervin Bovaird Foundation, Alma and Nick Robson Foundation, Frank and Gayle Eby, The Williams Foundation, and The Oxley Foundation.

Video Footage Courtesy of PGAV Destinations