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The new playground will offer free-play experiences for toddlers and older children in separate, defined areas. To ensure that children of all physical, social, and emotional capabilities can participate, inclusion will be the goal of every aspect of design.

While children have a fun-filled time playing and exploring on play structures, they will also gain a new level of engagement with the animals that they encounter during their visit. The goal is for this unique playground to use play to create empathy and understanding through shared experiences.


Fledgling Fun, Cub Corner:  Play area was designed for ages 2-5

This is a section of the playground specifically designed for the little ones. Fenced off from the rest of the playground this area gives space for children up to age five to explore without interruption from the older kids.


Balancing Act, Finding My Way, Give Me Shelter, Hop To It, Leaps and Bounds, Overcoming Obstacles, Ups & Downs:  Play area designed for ages 5-12

With a focus on the bigger kids; these areas encourage children to climb, slide, and soar. Mirroring the adaptations of the wildlife featured in each defined area, children will be challenged to move like their favorite animals.

The zoo has re-imagined the current Helmerich Playground near African Wilds: Carnivores, providing vast spaces to burn off a little energy by mimicking zoo animal behaviors and movements.

Tiger Trials:  Play area designed for ages 13+

The equipment in the Helmerich Playground is designed to be enjoyed by children of a wide range of ages. Tiger Trails features pull up bars, monkey bars, and other conditioning equipment specifically designed for ages 13+.


Taking a Break:

There are several places scattered around to take a load off while the kids burn some energy. Lions Lookout is also nestled into one corner of the playground if you’re interested in a sweet treat. 

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