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Plastic Pledge

The Tulsa Zoo is pledging to reduce our one-time use plastic.

This means the zoo is moving away from plastic that is used once then thrown away. 

Why? Plastic waste causes big problems for wildlife: some animals mistake plastic for food, while others become entangled in the trash. Plastic cannot biodegrade, so every piece of plastic ever made is still in existence today.

So, tilt your cup to wildlife! Or purchase reusable straws and lids. Zoo guests are welcome to bring reusable water bottles to the zoo, we have filling stations across zoo grounds.

Every year animals are injured by plastic waste. The Tulsa Zoo is pledging to reduce our contribution to the epidemic, and help wildlife worldwide.

Plastic Pledge FAQ

The Tulsa Zoo has switched to re-usable lids and straws, to reduce one-time use plastics. You can refill the re-usable cups with lids and straws on your current trip, and bring them back on your next visit for refills at any of our food service locations.

The Tulsa Zoo switched to re-usable bags, to reduce one-time use plastics. Shopping with re-usable bags reduces the amount of plastic clogging our oceans and landfills. Did you know that sea turtles think plastic bags look like jellyfish? Unfortunately, they will eat the bags by mistake.

Plastic waste can cause big problems for wildlife, and the zoo wants to do its part to help.

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