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Animal Allies for First LEGO League Challenge

Animal Allies for First LEGO League Challenge

We are honored to have so many wonderfully inventive First LEGO League Challenge groups thinking of the Tulsa Zoo for the Animal Allies project. Below are examples of the types of challenges zoos face as Animal Allies, for your brainstorming consideration.

If your team is looking for a LEGO up on the competition, check out special programs available through our Education team.

Information about First LEGO League is available on the program’s website.

Human and animal interaction challenges in a zoo

  • Visitors and animals:
    • Visitors throwing objects or food into the animal exhibits.
    • Visitors tapping on exhibit glass.
  • Zoo staff and animals:
    • In exhibits with multiple animals, making sure each individual animal receives the correct amount and type of food.
    • Ensuring enrichment provided encourages natural behaviors.
    • Ensuring anything created as enrichment for an animal is safe.

Education programs for challenge teams

Due to the large number of requests, we are unable to provide private interviews with zoo staff. If you would like a more in-depth program about human/animal interactions at the zoo, register for one of the following U2Zoo programs (Fee: $50/program)*

First LEGO League Animal Allies Challenge (for students in fourth through eighth grades)

THE BIG BLUE PICTURE – The things we do and choices we make here in Oklahoma affect wildlife on the other side of the world. Students will begin to broaden their scope of home to see how they can make a positive difference. We will discuss how animals and people interact and what challenges that may create.

First LEGO League Jr. Creature Craze Challenge (for students ages 6-10)

LIFE IN THE RAINFOREST – We will investigate the rainforest from the comfort of our own classroom! What makes the rainforest a unique habitat? What animals can you find there? How do these animals survive? We will also explore the relationship that the rainforest animals have with people. Finally, we will discover why the rainforest is so important to humans.

*We can come to you with Zoo2U programs (Fee: $75/program). All programs last about one hour and include activities and live animals. Email for more information.