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Lost Kingdom Construction


Watch real-time construction progress of the Tulsa Zoo’s Lost Kingdom Exhibit Complex, set to open in Spring 2017. This $21 million, 5-acre complex will be the new home for our tigers and snow leopards, Komodo dragons and siamangs, as well as new-to-our-zoo species, red panda and binturong. Learn more about this and other Tulsa Zoo master plan projects.

This new complex will feature:
Helmerich Tiger Exhibit
Hardesty Snow Leopard Habitat
George Kaiser Family Foundation Special Events and Dining Pavilion
Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation Red Panda/Binturong Exhibit and Aviary
Lynn and Barbara Owens Chinese Alligator Exhibit
Suzanne and Jim Kneale Family Foundation Tiger Dayroom and Demonstration Area
Ann and Jack Graves Outdoor Cafe
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation Outdoor Siamang Habitat
The Grace and Franklin Bernsen Indoor Siamang Dayroom
The H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Outdoor Komodo Exhibit
Bank of Oklahoma Entry Portal
Hille Foundation Tiger Bridge
Barbara and Lynn Owens Snow Leopard Dayroom and Demonstration Area
Bailey Family Komodo Dragon Pool in honor of Carol Eames
Hannah and Joe Robson Family Tiger Pool
Gayle and Frank Eby Tiger Sculpture
Stuart Family Foundation Small Plant Bed

The Tulsa Zoo’s 20-year master plan was made possible thanks to a grant from the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation.