Malaysia Tiger Conservation

The Tulsa Zoo supports the Tiger Conservation Campaign and anti-poaching efforts through the tiger species survival plan and the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCS). The campaign’s purpose is to raise awareness about wild tigers and focus conservation efforts in areas of the world where wild tigers are found. Endau-Rompin Malaysia is one of the last remaining areas where Malayan tigers are found. There is immense pressure on the species survival due to illegal poaching.

Project location:

Southern Peninsular Malaysia

Project focus:

Tiger Conservation Campaign and Anti-Poaching

The Tulsa Zoo participates in catalyzing and supporting on-the-ground ranger patrolling across the Endau-Rompin landscape and by equipping robust ranger patrol teams to have the ability to check on hunting infringements, to seize guns, and dismantle illegal snares. We support the deployment of movable roadblocks and static checkpoints as further means of deterring the high number of relatively less-committed, minor poachers and capturing a smaller number of more committed, high-value poachers. Most importantly, we help strengthen as much as possible the laws that impact poaching in Endau-Rompin. In a recent survey conducted by wildlife biologists, data shows that there are far fewer tigers than hoped for within three known Malayan tiger habitats. It is estimated that only 250-340 Malayan tigers remain (potentially a halving of the previous estimate of 500 individuals in 2013) and that the population is losing 35-50 animals per year to poaching (illegal medicinal markets) and habitat loss (due to palm oil production). The birth of three cubs at the Tulsa Zoo in 2014 is even that much more significant given these recent findings.

Find out more about Malayan tiger conservation campaign.

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