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Meet the Tulsa Zoo’s Newest Additions

American Flamingo Chick


Meet our newest American flamingo chick, which hatched May 31, 2016. Native to the coastal areas of the Caribbean, flamingos are highly social and live in large flocks. Flamingos are born white, but get their bright pink feathers from their diet. You can visit this new addition in the Conservation Center.

Naked Mole Rat Pup

13412106_10150646741149996_4187233607033752343_oMeet one of our naked mole rat pups who was born in April. This little one weighed in at 6.1 grams, but will grow to be up to 50 grams. Native to Eastern Africa, these unique animals have a social structure similar to honeybees or bumblebees. Pups are born to the queen, who is the only female in the colony who maintains reproductive abilities at any given time. The Tulsa Zoo is home to more than 30 naked mole rats. Visit them at the Robert J. LaFortune WildLIFE Trek Life in the Desert.