Monarch Initiative of Tulsa

The Tulsa Zoo is part of the Monarch Initiative of Tulsa, which works to provide information promoting the creation of habitats to increase the Monarch population during migration through the Tulsa area. The Monarch Initiative of Tulsa consists of a group of local conservationists and gardeners that have formed a conservation initiative that is focused on Monarch Butterfly conservation within the City of Tulsa and the State of Oklahoma. The group is made up of representatives from the Tulsa Garden Center, The Nature Conservancy – Oklahoma Chapter, Oxley Nature Center, Tulsa Botanic Garden, Riverfield Country Day School, and the Tulsa Zoo. These organizations work to develop one consistent message and voice that encourages people within our community to create and plant Monarch Watch Waystations at their local business and homes that will make Tulsa a Monarch city.

Find out more about making Tulsa a Monarch City.

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