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Mission ImPopsicle

Your Mission: Support Ours

Ice enrichment is a fun part of the summer experience for our animals. Our care teams freeze water into healthy popsicles of all shapes and sizes to make engaging ice treats that encourage enjoyable activity for our animals. This June through August, guests have the special opportunity to participate in Mission ImPopsicle, a unique chance to donate to the Tulsa Zoo and connect with your favorite animals as they lick, chew or stare at their cool ice creations!

This summer, our goal is to raise $15,000 for our operating fund by National Cherry Popsicle Day, Aug. 26. 

Giving is a treat, and your $5 donation supports the Tulsa Zoo. Donate $5, $50 or even $500 and come see the animals you love enjoying their summer popsicles on specific dates throughout the summer in celebration of Mission ImPopsicle!

Popsicles will also be available on various dates throughout the summer from Frio’s in the circle drive. 

Special Enrichment Date
July 27


Mission ImPopsicle is a weather-dependent event. Tulsa Zoo does not guarantee animal visibility or participation. 

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