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Red Panda Makes Its Debut at Tulsa Zoo

TULSA, Okla. (November 8, 2017) – A new resident is enjoying the Lost Kingdom this week. The Tulsa Zoo’s red panda, Bo, is now on exhibit at the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation Red Panda/Binturong Exhibit and Aviary.

The Tulsa Zoo welcomed 2-year-old Bo from Prospect Park Zoo in early May. He has been off-exhibit in a climate-controlled home, as the zoo waited for the weather to cool.

Red pandas are cold-weather animals. They share an exhibit with binturongs, a hot-weather animal. During the cool/cold months, the red panda will be in the exhibit.

The binturongs are now off-exhibit, staying warm in their climate controlled home, and will switch back in the spring/summer. Initially, guests will find the red panda on the aviary side of the exhibit while modifications are completed for the transition on the binturong side.

Red Panda Facts
• Red pandas are endangered according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
• Red pandas use their tails for balance, camouflage and warmth.
• Their characteristic tear drop marking and white eyebrows provide camouflage and glare reduction.
• Red pandas are naturally solitary. Much of a red panda’s life is spent in trees; much of their day is spent foraging for bamboo.
• They have an extended wrist bone that is used like a thumb both for grasping bamboo leaves and for controlling their descent from trees.