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ADOPT // Animals Depend on People, Too.

Your symbolic ADOPTion of our animals supports their care. Every ADOPTion kit includes kid-friendly animal facts and supports Tulsa Zoo animals.

Cool Edopt Sale

Edopt 2 for $40 (save $10)
2 Digital Animal Activity Cards
2 Digital ADOPTion certificates

2 for $40 Edopt Sale

Chose two animals from this list, you’ll write them in comments at checkout:

African Lion, African Penguin, African Macaw, American Alligator, Arctic Fox, Asian Elephant, Bald Eagle, Bat, Binturong, Chimpanzee, Flamingo, Giraffe, Komodo Dragon, Malayan Tiger, Meerkat, Raccoon, Red Panda, Sea Horse, Sea Lion, Sloth, Snow Leopard, Snowy Owl, Warthog.


Tier 1 // Edopt $25
Digital Animal Activity Card
Digital ADOPTion certificate

Instant gratification. Edopt emailed after check out.


Tier 2 // Plush & Activity Kit $75
Everything in Tier 1 PLUS
Soft 12″ Plush in recyclable tote box
Printed Animal Activity Card
Printed ADOPTion certificate
2 Tulsa Zoo Admission Tickets


Tier 3 // Animal Explorer Starter Kit $100
Everything in Tier 1 and Tier 2 PLUS
Explorer Binder – collect all your animal activity cards in one place!


ADOPT today! Choose your Tier during checkout.

Thank you for your donation and helping the Tulsa Zoo!

Need your ADOPT Tier 2 or 3 before 7-10 business days? Please call 918.669.6601 or email

While we are currently featuring 4 animals ready for ADOPTion, contact 918.669.6601 or email for:
African Penguin, Binturong, Flamingo, Giraffe, Grizzly Bear, Komodo Dragon, Meerkat, Two-Toed Sloth.