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Master Plan

The Tulsa Zoo is proud to present its Master Plan to build better exhibits and improve the guest experience during the next 20 years.

Master planning is an exercise that many large-scale organizations initiate to form a road map for future projects. These projects will be funded by the zoo’s Building Beyond Your Wildest Dreams capital campaign. The Tulsa Zoo seeks to expand existing exhibits and implement new ones, organized by each animal’s region of origin.

Our Mary K. Chapman Rhino Reserve, opened in 2015, is our first master plan exhibit. The rhino reserve features an expansive, multi-species habitat spanning nearly 3 acres and a new rhino barn for year-round viewing.

The first major exhibit complex, Lost Kingdom, opened in June 2017.

Learn more about our Master Plan – and how you can be a part of building a better zoo – at our Building Beyond Your Wildest Dreams capital campaign site.

Video footage courtesy of PGAV Destinations