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Looking for a just a one-time volunteer opportunity?

 Email our Volunteer Supervisor, Lisa, at to be added to the email list for our October ZooRun and HallowZOOeen volunteer opportunities!

What is a WildBunch volunteer?
Wildbunchers are everywhere and do a little of everything. They help the zoo host successful fundraisers. They provide guest services such as handing out maps, face painting, bartending, train attendants, arts and crafts attendants, selling t-shirts, driving golf carts, etc. There is no training required for this position since every event differs. Our big fundraisers include Waltz on the Wild Side, ZooRun, and HallowZOOeen. Wildbunchers also assist with private events such as weddings, proms, company picnics and birthday parties, as well as any other project the zoo needs help with, from painting, to mulching, to office work.


What can a WildBunch volunteer do?

  • Assist with special events, including WALTZ on the Wild Side, animal enrichment day, ZooRun, HallowZOOeen and appreciation nights.
  • Assist zookeepers with giraffe feedings by providing crowd control during our Giraffe Experience (seasonal).
  • Assist with school group entry (yellow bus fever!)
  • Perform office administrative tasks.
  • Have fun while volunteering time and energy to a great organization!

There are many more ways to help and the Tulsa Zoo is pleased to offer these opportunities to new volunteers!! Feel free to contact us for additional information.

As a volunteer, you are able to access VIC Net, an internet-based program where you can view upcoming events and sign up for activities. Once logged in, volunteers can read e-mail, open links to PDF documents like the Zoo Bites Newsletter, see upcoming events and view their hours to date and other information.

VIC Net  Your e-mail address is your user name. A password is automatically generated for you.


Interested? please contact our Volunteer Manager- Lisa, at 918-669-6222 at