Big Change for Cox Nature Exchange

Construction is starting on the all-new Cox Communications Nature Exchange inside Life in the Cold, part of Robert J. LaFortune WildLIFE Trek.

Big Plans for Cox Communications Nature Exchange

It’s an exciting time for your zoo as we start Phase 2 of Building Beyond to create the world-class zoo our community and animals deserve.

As part of our progress we have some exciting news to share – Cox Communications Nature Exchange will be moving to Life in the Cold inside Robert J. LaFortune WildLIFE Trek.

The Wild Nature Institute

The Tulsa Zoo is working with The Wild Nature Institute to support the expansion of a unique giraffe demography study used in identifying and tracking wild giraffes by utilizing their unique spot patterns to understand individual movements and survival.

Malaysia Tiger Conservation

The Tulsa Zoo supports the Tiger Conservation Campaign and anti-poaching efforts through the tiger species survival plan and the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCS). The campaign’s purpose is to raise awareness about wild tigers and focus conservation efforts in areas of the world where wild tigers are found.