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The Scarlet Macaw Population Recovery Program

The Tulsa Zoo has a partnership with The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to support The Scarlet Macaw Population Recovery Program. Since 2002, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) – Guatemala Program has implemented conservation interventions to ensure the survival of Guatemala’s extremely threatened scarlet macaw population. Current estimates suggest that there are fewer than 1000 individuals of the northern subspecies that currently survive in isolated populations across southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Only 250 wild scarlet macaws exist in the Maya Biosphere Reserve of Guatemala.

Project location:


Project focus:

Veterinarian Field Station and Anti-poaching

The goal of the program is focused on developing aviculture and husbandry applications for wild species recovery, which will subsequently propel the restoration of parrot populations across Latin America. This will be accomplished by reducing the frequency of macaw poaching through SMART (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting) patrols. This program will also work to protect nesting sites from deforestation, fire, and Africanized bee infestations. The Tulsa Zoo will be directly involved with supporting the project’s veterinarian field station with new macaw flight cages, laboratory equipment, and other health management essentials.

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Ascension St. John Family Den is temporarily closed through December 6.   

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