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The Snow Leopard Trust – Natural Partnerships Program

The Snow Leopard Trust’s Natural Partnerships Program connects zoos around the world with the unique opportunity to protect endangered snow leopards. Through the program, zoos get directly involved and make powerful contributions to the highest priority conservation and research programs. It provides support to develop and maintain community-based conservation for local animal herders and allows for studies and field research year-round to gain insight about snow leopard habitat, wild prey species, and the cats themselves.

Project location:


Project focus:

Long Term Ecological Study

The aim is to study all aspects of snow leopard ecology using a variety of methods including motion sensor cameras, GPS radio-collaring, and socio-economic surveys. The results are providing an unprecedented amount of data on snow leopard movement and habitat use, which is being used to estimate home range sizes and habitat requirements. The information on home range sizes is helping the trust work with communities to establish conservation programs that ensure the cat’s long-term well-being.

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