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Proudly show off your love for Tulsa Zoo by purchasing this special edition shirt featuring a heart-shaped trunk print from one of Tulsa Zoo’s most beloved Asian elephants, Gunda!

At the age of 4, Gunda became an international story when her ship broke down near Bermuda. For the next two weeks, Gunda endeared herself to children who had never before seen an elephant. After making headlines for refusing to board an airplane,  she stayed in Bermuda while waiting for another ship to bring her to the United States. This 1954 journey to our zoo inspired a 1994 children’s book “Ghunda’s Bermuda Holiday” by Nancy Valentine.

Gunda spent six decades at Tulsa Zoo as a beloved ambassador for her species, making her the longest-lived resident. She began hospice care in 2018 at the age of 67, and was humanely euthanized in January 2018 surrounded by her human caretakers who had cared for her for many years.

Shipping will begin the second week of December, sales end November 30. 


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