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Tulsa Zoo Celebrates Jaguar Cubs’ First Birthday

The Tulsa Zoo celebrates as its two jaguar cubs, Chac and Kabah, turn one! The jaguar duo, born April 22, 2012, will enjoy their birthday with special enrichment, including a meatloaf birthday cake that only a jaguar would love!

Chac and Kabah’s birth last year was not only exciting for the Tulsa Zoo, but also for jaguar populations. The birth was the result of recommended breeding by the Species Survival Plan ®, which monitors and recommends breeding among threatened and endangered species in accredited zoos across the nation. Currently, jaguars are classified as near threatened due to their declining numbers, which continue to be affected by human-induced habitat destruction.

The Tulsa Zoo will keep Chac and Kabah until the Species Survival Plan ® recommends breeding transfers so they can help maintain healthy jaguar populations in accredited zoos.