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Tulsa Zoo Celebrates Record Spring Break Attendance

(April 8, 2015)

The Tulsa Zoo is celebrating record attendance for the month of March.

During March, 91,891 guests visited the zoo, representing the highest attendance for this month in the zoo’s 87-year history. The zoo also achieved record attendance for the week of spring break, which typically is the zoo’s busiest 9 days of the year. During spring break, 56,099 guests visited the zoo, compared with the previous record of 52,133 in 2009.

These records can be attributed to the zoo’s temporary dinosaur exhibit, Zoorassic Park 2, which will be open through Aug. 31. The zoo’s newest exhibit, the Mary K. Chapman Rhino Reserve, also drove guests to visit the zoo.

“I am gratified to see the interest in our temporary and new exhibits, like the Mary K. Chapman Rhino Reserve,” says Terrie Correll, President and CEO, Tulsa Zoo Management Inc. “Our new rhino exhibit includes an updated, naturalistic home for our white rhinos, Jeannie and Buzbie.

“I am proud of our staff and volunteers who work to inspire passion for wildlife in every guest,” she says.

Last year, the Tulsa Zoo’s attendance topped 622,000 guests during the 2013-14 fiscal year. This was the zoo’s second-highest attendance total, marking another milestone for the zoo. The zoo’s highest annual attendance was 669,928 for the 1997-1998 fiscal year.