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Tulsa Zoo ‘Seas’ Double for Sea Lion Birthday Party

TULSA, Okla., May 23, 2012 – Tulsa Zoo is hosting a super sea lion celebration in honor of Dorsey and Briney’s shared birthday. Dorsey will turn 19 and Briney will turn 26 this year – but they were actually both born on the same day, May 29, seven years apart! Dorsey was born at Tulsa Zoo in 1993, making this his first birthday in his new home, the Helmerich Sea Lion Cove. Briney, born in 1986, is our “senior sea lion.” These marine mammals typically live 25-30 years in zoos, but age is nothin’ but a number as Briney dazzles guests as she twirls expertly through the water in the new exhibit’s underwater viewing area. In honor of their joint birthday, these magnificent marine mammals will get a very special frozen fish birthday cake and other fun enrichment items on Tuesday, May 29. During a special birthday-edition sea lion demonstration, guests will get to check out sea lion biofacts and a hear special keeper chat about Tulsa’s favorite sea lions and the importance of conserving these marine mammals in the wild. So stop by to wish Dorsey and Briney a happy birthday during their “sea”labration and enjoy another lovely day at your Tulsa Zoo.