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Union Engineering Camp Builds Observation Deck for Tulsa Zoo

The Tulsa Zoo is hosting students from Union Public Schools as part of an engineering camp through Union’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics program. Students are working to complete an observation deck near the zoo’s siamang exhibit.

Students from three different camps have worked in phases to complete this project. The project began last summer and the last phase will conclude at the end of the week.

This deck will provide optimal viewing of the siamangs, an endangered lesser ape. The deck will also overlook Lost Kingdom: Helmerich Tiger Exhibit, which is slated to open in 2017.

The partnership between the Tulsa Zoo and Union Public Schools allows these students to have hands-on experience, while learning about engineering. The students are also learning the value of teamwork as they work together to construct a deck that will be enjoyed by zoo guests for many years.