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Tulsa Zoo Friends Members provide much-needed support for the zoo through annual memberships. Your membership supports exhibit improvements, and it also helps to provide essential items for the zoo, such as enrichment and food for animals. Your dedication to the zoo helps us continue our commitment to conservation.

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Rules and FAQ

Zoo Rules

Tulsa Zoo maintains a safe, fun environment for our guests and our animal residents. Here are a few rules:

  • Guests are welcome to bring their own food and drinks during their visit, however, alcohol and glass containers or bottles are prohibited.
  • Placing children on or over exhibit handrails or fencing is absolutely prohibited.
  • Firearms are prohibited on zoo grounds.
  • State law prohibits smoking on zoo grounds. Guests wishing to smoke are asked to go to the foot of the entrance bridge. Hand stamps provided at the information booth allow reentry.
  • Some outside objects are prohibited on grounds because they pose a threat to our animals. These include balloons, confetti, piñatas and streamers.
  • For the safety of our guests and animals, we do not allow bicycles, skateboards, skates, scooters, balls, flying discs or wheelies on zoo grounds. Tulsa Zoo staff reserve the right to restrict the use of any item which may be harmful to guests or animals.
  • During your visit, you may be photographed or filmed. Your admission to the Tulsa Zoo serves as your permission for use of your image by Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc.
  • You may use cameras and video cameras in the Tulsa Zoo for personal use only. Commercial use of photographs or video taken by you during your visit is prohibited without prior written consent of Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc. Contact (918) 669-6612 for more information.
  • We do not allow pets on zoo grounds for the safety of our animals and yours. Service dogs are permitted, but some areas will be restricted.
  • Please do not visit the zoo and leave your pet unattended in your car. Learn about the dangers of this choice.


I found an abandoned baby animal. Can I bring it to the zoo?
In many cases, the best thing you can do is leave an animal where you found it. Young animals may appear to be alone. An adult usually is nearby and waiting for you, the perceived threat, to leave. If an animal appears injured, contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator; the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation maintains a list.

I found an injured animal. Can I bring it to the zoo?
The best resource is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Contact the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation for a list.

I have a (raccoon, squirrel, snake, other unwanted animal) in my house. Can the zoo come get it?
No, the zoo is not able to pick up animals. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is a resource for wildlife rescuers.

I’d like to donate my exotic animal pet to the zoo. Can I drop it off?
The zoo is not able to accept gifts of animals from the public. We do appreciate gifts for our animals. Check out our wish list.

Can I take a picture hugging a tiger?
We love seeing guest pictures of our animals – when taken from the safety of public exhibit areas. For huggable wildlife, we recommend the plush variety, available in our Gift Shop. For unique opportunities to get closer to our animals, sign up for a donor membership to be eligible for a behind-scenes tour. Or add an animal encounter to your next special event at the zoo.

Can I interview a zookeeper for my class project?
Because of the large number of requests, the zoo cannot offer individual project support. Tulsa County students with lab or homework sheets get free zoo admission during regular business hours to complete assignments on their own.

Where can I buy a baby chimpanzee?
The Tulsa Zoo supports responsible pet ownership. Wild animals and exotics are not good house pets.

Can I bring my pet to the zoo?
Pets are not allowed in the zoo. Please leave your pets at home; not in your car, no matter the temperature outside.