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Fall Break Camps

Fall Break Camps

Join us this fall as we welcome the changing seasons and cooler weather while we explore the world around us, make new friends, and discover all the amazing things nature has to offer! Our fall break camps are an exciting way to keep your campers engaged in fun and learning while on break from school.

Campers are welcome to spend one day, a few days, or the entire week with us. We look forward to sharing the excitement of the changing seasons with your camper! Our days will include some learning time, adventures in the zoo, fun times on the playground and visits from our education ambassador animals. All camps are designed to be age/grade appropriate.

Times: 9:30 am to 4:00 pm daily (aftercare available until 5:15 pm for additional charge)

Cost: $55 per day, $65 per day with aftercare

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Available Sessions

When you think of fall, do certain animals come to mind? Maybe you think of classic Halloween critters like bats and spiders. These cool animals are not just for Halloween! Let’s learn how important these common animals (and more) are to our ecosystem. In this adventure, we’ll take closer look at the animals that represent the season.

Ever wonder how strong bones are, or why animals even have them? The animal kingdom has some cool and interesting bones and skeletons, but are there animals that don’t have bones at all? Bones come in all shapes and sizes. Some are solid, some are spongy, and some are hollow! Explore the zoo to find animals with unique bones and skeletons and take a look at how we can use bones to identify animals.

Perfect for the season, animals that are believed to exist but never proven are ready to be discovered! Bigfoot, the Lock Ness Monster, Yeti and even a unicorn all have origins from animals we are familiar with. Come explore this fascinating world and unearth what these not-so-creepy cryptids might actually be!

Cooler weather, shorter days, and leaves changing colors are some of the things that represent fall. But what are our animal friends doing this time of year? How do they get ready for the cold months ahead? Let’s discover how plants and animals change in the fall to get ready for a cold winter.

Animals don’t have to be a mystery! Animals can be hard to track in the wild, but luckily, they leave evidence behind for us. Clues that tell us who they are, where they live, what they eat, and how they survive. We’ll use hints like scat and tracks to help us learn all about them. Be a nature detective as we investigate the clues that are all around us!

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