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West African Primate Conservation Action

The Tulsa Zoo is working in partnership with West African Primate Conservation Action. The roloway guenon (Cercopithecus diana roloway) is in imminent danger of extinction. The species has been completely extirpated from all protected areas throughout its former range and is now believed to exist in only two community-owned rainforests (the Kwabre rainforest in western Ghana and the Tanoe forest in Cote d’Ivoire). The Tulsa Zoo is supporting projects in both countries to help preserve this last remaining roloway habitat.

Project location:

West Africa, Ghana

Project focus:

The creation of a community-managed rainforest conservation area

The goals of this project are to help support the monitoring of endangered primate populations in the Kwabre rainforest and to provide equipment and on-going training programs for community forest patrol team members. These patrol teams are made up of citizens of the local community and they play a vital role in identifying and halting illegal hunting, logging, and mining in the Kwabre Forest. The Tulsa Zoo provides the supplies used in training members of the community to assist with primate and biological surveys. We also support educating the rural communities surrounding the rainforest to sustainably manage their land for the benefit of the people and the endangered primates through the transformation of the Kwabre Rainforest into a federated Community Resource Management Area

Find out more about West African Primate Conservation Action.

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Ascension St. John Family Den is temporarily closed through December 1.   

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