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What You Can Do



Wood Pallets

Paints and Household Solvents

Other Steps to Make a Difference

  • Set thermostat in the cooler months to 68 degrees when at home and 78 in the warmer months
  • Turn OFF computers, monitors, speakers and printers when not in use; set Power Save options
  • Turn lights OFF when you leave a room or office
  • Unplug electrical equipment and devices when not in use
  • Close blinds and angle them upward, especially when you are away
  • Double-side your copy and print jobs
  • Drink from a reusable cup
  • Purchase only what you need
  • Purchase durable rather than disposable
  • The Sustainability Alliance TerraScore App
  • The Seafood Watch App
  • Our Plastic Pledge
  • Build a Bug Hotel – Learn how by watching the videos below.

Animal Conservation

My Zoo Visit

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