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Zoorassic Park Extended Through Nov. 10, 2014

(Oct. 6, 2014)

If you haven’t visited the Tulsa Zoo’s popular prehistoric exhibit, Zoorassic Park, now’s your chance. This temporary exhibit has been extended through Nov. 10, offering guests an extra opportunity to visit the zoo’s 15 animatronic dinosaurs.

Featured dinosaur species include the 22-foot long Tyrannosaurus rex, a top-level predator with serrated teeth and a strong tail, which helps it move quickly. Other dinosaur species include the Brachiosaurus, a long-necked dinosaur who may have consumed more than 400 pounds of food each day. Guests may also recognize the stegosaurus, an herbivore known for the plates on its back.

These giant dinosaurs were designed by Billings Productions of McKinney, Texas. Each dinosaur is built on a steel frame and covered with intricate rubber skin, giving a lifelike appearance. Their electronics give them the ability to produce realistic movements, which include the ability to gnash their teeth, roar and even spit water.

Admission to this special exhibit is just $5 per person with regular zoo admission or $4 per person for Tulsa Zoo Friends members.