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As a zoo for all, Tulsa Zoo is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all within our gates.

Acension St. John

Family Den

The Family Den features a dedicated space for nursing mothers, a quiet room for families affected by autism or sensory processing disorders, a family restroom, as well as a restroom with an adult changing table.

Location: Rainforest Plaza

Sensory Bags

Filled with items that can help lessen sensory overload and also engage, the bag items are also easily cleaned and sterilized for multiple uses. Bags include headphones, marble fidget, noodle fidget, tangle fidget and ID cards. They are available upon request at the information window in the Entrance Plaza. 

Mobility Equipment

Mobility equipment including electric scooters and wheelchairs will be available to rent at the Gift Shop located at the zoo entrance.

Rentals are available at the gift shop. Prices do not include tax.

  • Single stroller $8
  • Double stroller $10
  • Wagon $9
  • Manual Wheelchairs $10
  • Electric Scooters $30


Limited number available. For reservations or information call (918)669-6618 or (918)669-6616

Service Animals

Service dogs are allowed on Zoo grounds with the exception of the gated Contact Yard inside of the Children’s Zoo.

Check in at Admissions to review specific requirements regarding your service dog, and to register your service dog if qualified under the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Under certain circumstances, we reserve the right to prevent a service animal from entering the Zoo, to limit the locations within the Zoo where the service animal may accompany a guest, or to require that a service animal be removed (although the guest accompanied by the animal may remain). Other animals which may be trained to perform services (including miniature horses), or animals providing emotional support, are not permitted. If you have any questions, please contact the Zoo prior to your visit.

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