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Komodo Dragon

Varanus komodoensis


  • Islands of Southeastern Indonesia


  • Lower forests & open grasslands


  • Large water buffalo
  • Deer
  • Carrion
  • Pigs

Komodo dragons are known as the king of lizards. They possess many adaptations that allowed them to ascend to such royal heights:

  • King (not Queen) of Lizards: In their native range on the islands of Indonesia, there are four times as many male Komodo dragons as female.
  • Biggest is the Best: In the Komodo world, only the biggest lizard wins. Though solitary hunters, they come together to eat when scavenging a carcass. When these lizards meet, they establish a clear pecking order based on size.
  • Dragon Smile: With a mouth full of about 60 sharp, serrated teeth and saliva containing harmful bacteria, Komodo dragon mouths are adapted to cut and damage flesh.

To learn more about Komodo dragons visit them in the Lost Kingdom.

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