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Malayan Tiger

Panthera tigris jacksoni


  • Malayan Peninsula of Southeast Asia


  • Tropical forests


  • Sambar deer
  • Barking deer
  • Wild boar
  • Bornean bearded pigs
  • Serow


Tigers have many adaptations to help them live in a variety of habitats across Asia:

    • Born to Hunt: Even from an early age, tigers start to practice their hunting skills. Cubs chase, ambush and wrestle each other in a form of extreme tag, and will often practice stalking skills on their resting mothers.
    • Tiger Talk: Frequently communicating, tigers have a wide range of vocalizations. From roars, hisses, grunts and chuffles, each sound has a different meaning. A mother will often use a friendly chuffle when greeting her cubs.
    • Powerful Predators: With inch-long claws, tigers use their strong front paws to bring down prey. To keep their claws sharp and protected while walking, tigers pull their nails inside folds of skin, just like a domestic cat.

To learn more about tigers visit them at the Helmerich Tiger Exhibit in the Lost Kingdom.

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