Introducing Zuri to the Chimpanzee Troop

two chimpanzees sitting together

Introducing chimpanzees to a troop takes meticulous planning. Learn about Zuri’s journey as shared by Zookeeper Mo O’Leary and the behind-the-scenes process of chimpanzee introductions.

Celebrating 30 Years of WALTZ

In celebration of the 30th annual WALTZ On The Wild Side, we are taking a look back at 30 years of building a bigger, better Tulsa Zoo. See the amazing exhibits that have been funded through WALTZ on a self-guided 30-year tribute tour with special on-site signage for former WALTZ on the Wild Side projects.

Jaguar Introductions

Over the course of several months, our carnivores team has been diligently observing the behaviors of our two female jaguars Ixchel and Caipora. Both females are in their retirement years at the zoo, and until recently remained separated, swapping exhibit access or reserve yard access.