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In Remembrance of Oscar

Unfortunately, the zoo has sad news to report out of the Education Department. Oscar, the Blue and Yellow Macaw, passed away in late August. Oscar came to the zoo nearly 50 years ago in 1976.  Although his exact age is unknown, he was considered very geriatric for his species. Oscar’s post mortem exam indicated his passing was attributed to renal cancer and geriatric decline. Oscar had been enjoying ambassador animal “retirement” in the Helmerich Discovery Center since 2018, however, he still enjoyed participating in the occasional program on grounds up until his passing. He enjoyed visitors, hearing unique voices, interacting with his caretakers by “dancing” and “talking”, and was a very willing participant in his own health care. Oscar was a lovable, unique bird whose appetite never relented, even up until his passing. He “laughed” in excitement for breakfast every morning. Hard-boiled eggs and Brazil nuts were his absolute favorite.   As an ambassador animal, Oscar touched countless numbers of people during his time at the zoo not only in the visitors he reached, but the staff, docents, and zoo teens that cared for him as well. He will be very missed, but we are thankful for all the time we had with him and the impact that he had. – Kaylyn Paulsen, Director of Education

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