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a young siamang monkey baby

Tulsa Zoo Announces Siamang Infant Name

Tulsa Zoo announced the name of their newest male siamang – Pandai (pronounced pan’-dye). The name means clever in Malay.


“Pandai is starting to venture away from his mother to explore his surroundings,” said Tulsa Zoo Zoological Curator of Mammals Jordan Piha. “He’s also starting to try some solid foods. Both are positive milestones we look for in siamang infants of his age.”


Pandai was born on Aug. 8, 2022, to mother Boomerang and father Jambi, through Tulsa Zoo’s ongoing participation in the Association of Zoos & Aquariums Siamang Species Survival Plan®.


He is the 16th siamang born at Tulsa Zoo. Both parents and infant can often be seen in their indoor habitat at the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation Siamang Habitat.


Siamangs are the largest of the lesser (meaning smaller) apes and are native to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The species is endangered. Siamangs play an important role in keeping the forest healthy because they disperse the seeds of the fruit they eat. They mate for life and have a song (series of calls) that is unique to the pair. In fact, Boomerang and Jambi can often be heard calling to each other in the mornings at Tulsa Zoo.

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